Foals for 2017

Finest x SPS Harmonie

Finest, noted son of Furstenball. After winning the crowd at the licensing in Verden, there was hardly a foalshow where Finest did not have the winning foal. His charme, unique character as well as the three basic paces, blessed with the highest regularity, all this he certainly passed on to his descendents.  

Rotspon x EM Lea-Francis

 Rotspon by the famous stallion Rubinstein I Scoring an excellent 148.82 points in the dressage category. Like his father, Rotspon passes impressive rideability, outstanding movements and a high ability for dressage. He also has notable jumping.  The foals have beautiful heads, good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up neck), with an elastic trot and a ground covering walk,  Rotspon is credited with 888 competition progeny with winnings of €680,105 – 767 dressagehorses with 80 progeny competing at S level.